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Master's Thesis in European Affairs

Master's Thesis in European Affairs

The master course implies that the students design and execute a scientific inquiry on their own.

The students should identify a relevant research problem in the field of European Affairs, select an appropriate method, process a comprehensive theoretical and empirical material, and report the findings in the form of a written text.

The work process is guided by a supervisor appointed by the department. Whereas the supervisor provides constructive feedback on the basic structure of the inquiry, the course represents an independent research effort, and responsibility for the final product rests with the authors themselves.

Master's Thesis in European Affairs 30 credits

STVM23 -  (Two Year) Master's Thesis In European Affairs (30 credits)

Master's Thesis in European Affairs 15 credits

For those students taking a one-year Master

The original Master's programme runs for two years, which most students prefere, however you are also given the possibility to study a one-year Master. The shorter version gives you the chance to study half of the courses and to complete a smaller thesis on your second term.

STVM24 - (One Year) Master's Thesis in European Affairs (15 credits)

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In the study of Political Science, particular weight is placed on the student's capacity to produce critical review and presentation of scientific texts, both orally and in writing. The structure for best achieving this varies between different disciplines, as well as between different tutors/researchers. The art of writing and speaking is a normative user's guide on all levels in the Political Science discipline, not least in conjunction with thesis writing.

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