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The Credit Society: A Delicate Balance between Risk and Economic Security
Funding: Kronofogden, Advanced Study Group at the Pufendorf Institute

Contemporary society relies increasingly on credit for economic growth. The “credit society” has brought unprecedented prosperity, but also introduced excessive indebtedness, which in turn generates anxiety and uncertainty at the individual and collective levels.

This development cannot be adequately described and analyzed without considering the impact of new technologies which have accelerated the rate of globalization and ushered in new forms of social organization such as the network and consumer society.



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Researchers on the project

  • Moira Nelson
  • Anna Angelin
  • Reza Banakar
  • Kristina Artsberg
  • Hanna Carlsson
  • Malin Espersson
  • Torbjörn Hjort
  • Stefan Larsson
  • Therese Nilsson
  • Lars Persson
  • Roger Persson
  • Johan Sandberg
  • Måns Svensson
  • Emilie Stroh
  • Andreas Vilhelmsson
  • Per-Olof Östergren
  • Elaine Kempson
  • Christian Poppe
  • Nicklas Guldåker
  • Henrik Levinsson
  • Rustamjon Urinboyev
  • Mikael Lundholm
  • Davor Vuleta
  • Henrik Edlund
  • Per Örlander
  • Ana Maria Vargas

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